Dade Transit Tracker

Dade Transit Tracker

The Metrobus system provides service throughout Miami-Dade, 365 days a year, is available from Miami Beach and Key Biscayne west of Miami-Dade, north and Broward County and south as Homestead, Florida Keys City and Media. Designed to intersect the Metrorail and Metromover MDT bus system serves all major shopping centers, entertainment and cultural centers, hospitals and schools as well in 95 routes and 800 buses.

Our advice:

To help you plan your travels, there is an application that you can download on your smart phone and is available in the App Store for the iPhone, and Google Play for Android users, the app allows you to:

Track Metrobus and Metrorail in real time.

See when your bus or train will arrive and details on the next scheduled trip.

Station information, such as connecting bus routes.

Locate nearby bus stops and stations Metrorail and Metromover.

Plan a trip using the journey planner function.

Enter your starting point and destination, and you will see the traffic.

See rate information.

See maps system for Metrobus, Metrorail and Metromover. 


Cell phones

The cell phone has become one of the most important tools for everyday communication worldwide, this is a key tool. For this reason the mobile phone is of great importance for technological development.

The following companies are the most important and offer a variety of plans that you can use during your visit in Miami, there is an unlimited monthly plans.

Cingular: Provides prepaid and postpaid type, also offers promotional packages benefit of its users. More information:

AT & T: It has a great experience in the market, why provides various services to its users, Their plans are diverse and accessible to all. It provides music services, chat, television, internet, multimedia messaging, games, and other entertainment applications. More information:

Verison Wireless: Offers open mobile phone, which is in communication through the wireless signal type. More information:

Useful Phone Numbers

Useful phone numbers

911 Emergency Services (Police, Fire Department, Ambulance) you can request any language

311Parking Regulations, if your car  is being towed you could get information of its location, any other information - that are not emergencies.

Manhattan Prefixes 212, 646, 917

Other districts Prefixes 718, 347, 917

 Country Prefix 1

International calls Prefix 011 + Country Prefix

International Prefixes

Argentina 54

Aruba 297

Australia 61

Austria 43

Bolivia 591

Brasil 55

Canadá 1

Chile 56

Colombia 57

Costa Rica 506

Cuba 53

Republica Dominicana 1

Ecuador 593

El Salvador 503

Francia 33

Grecia 30

Guatemala 502

Haití 509

Honduras 504

Hong Kong 852

Italia 39

Jamaica 876

Japón 81

México 52

Nicaragua 505

Panama 507

Perú 51

Puerto Rico 1

España 34

Uruguay 598

Venezuela 58



For all citizens or visitors in Miami can access the free Wi-Fi coverage, for this you will have to subscribe to the website to obtain an identification and a password, so that you can access the network, in addition, all users of Android and IOS phones can download the 'FREE WiFi GOWEX' app from Google Play and the Apple Store to connect more quickly to hundreds of points that make the Internet accessible.

Many hotels offer the service without cost, others have this service within the additional costs.

Temporary apartments for tourists usually have free internet.

You can find signs in various places, like Miami Beach (free coverage), other places where you can find free internet is in the coffee chain, Starbucks, McDonald's, organic supermarkets.

Public libraries offer Internet and computers, it is worth clarifying that need to register.

In the Miami airport there is an available service, offer free 24 hours for $ 7.95 or 30 minutes by 4.95, but are already working to provide the signal for free to all passengers.

Our advice:

You'll find many places where you might see the signal as private (with the lock), better if the the Wifi site is public, abut sometimes many places put a key to limiting use only for their customers.

Most restaurants, bars and hotels offer free Wi-Fi.

Dade Transit Tracker
Useful Phone Numbers