For all citizens or visitors in Miami can access the free Wi-Fi coverage, for this you will have to subscribe to the website to obtain an identification and a password, so that you can access the network, in addition, all users of Android and IOS phones can download the 'FREE WiFi GOWEX' app from Google Play and the Apple Store to connect more quickly to hundreds of points that make the Internet accessible.

Many hotels offer the service without cost, others have this service within the additional costs.

Temporary apartments for tourists usually have free internet.

You can find signs in various places, like Miami Beach (free coverage), other places where you can find free internet is in the coffee chain, Starbucks, McDonald's, organic supermarkets.

Public libraries offer Internet and computers, it is worth clarifying that need to register.

In the Miami airport there is an available service, offer free 24 hours for $ 7.95 or 30 minutes by 4.95, but are already working to provide the signal for free to all passengers.

Our advice:

You'll find many places where you might see the signal as private (with the lock), better if the the Wifi site is public, abut sometimes many places put a key to limiting use only for their customers.

Most restaurants, bars and hotels offer free Wi-Fi.