South Florida Explorer Pass
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South Florida Explorer Pass

Miami and the Explorer Keys ass® (formerly the South Florida Explorer Pass)

It is a multi-attraction card easy to use, with which you can visit different places of interest such as: Museums, excursions and enjoy them for a low price.

You have the opportunity to purchase a card for each type of traveler that includes Go City Card passes where everything is included.

Miami and Explorador Pass® Keys is valid for 30 days where you can choose 3, 4, and 5 attractions or tours in Miami.

Our Advice:

If you do not use your card you have up to one year from the day of purchase to return it and that you make in reimbursement.

With this pass you get up to 40% discount on the activities visited.

With Miami and Explorador Pass® Keys you can build your own pass, and package deals through 12 destinations including Miami.

All cards are automatically available at the time of purchase and for your convenience you can do it by a smartphone.