International Student Identity Card
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International Student Identity Card

The ISIC card allows students from around the world demonstrate their official student status and thus access to thousands of benefits and discounts that exist in more than 130 countries, also promotes intercultural exchange of students with the opportunity to travel, which it allows them to interact with new cultures and languages at discounted prices.

ISIC card holders also get preferential and discounted access to over 150,000 products, services and experiences of interest in all aspects of student life. There are a multitude of offers available to holders of the ISIC card as: training, software licenses, digital communications, public transport and magazine subscriptions to streaming music, cafes and restaurants, music festivals, theme parks , sporting events, world heritage sites and more.

The card is recognized by universities, academic institutions, students, national governments, financial institutions and the Ministries of Education worldwide.


Our advice:

By having accounts with ISIC students can count with the entrances at international places. With the card you show your student status anywhere where you want to go. ​ It is a great benefit and excellent support for students. For more information enter this link