Marlins Park

Marlins Park


Miami Marlins stadium is one of the best in the world, is a modern stadium with 37,000 seats where the roof is retractable and conditioning for athletes and spectators.

Marlins Park is a big place, where you can enjoy a great and friendly atmosphere, you can buy beer and a wide variety of food! 

This place is also used for concerts and events for tourists and residents.

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Our advice:

It is a place for baseball lovers.

You can watch the game of the moment sharing a bucket of popcorn with soda.

It is a big, safe and comfortable place to watch the games in general it is an environment for young and old people.

The stadium is covered by a retractable roof but for fireworks, they open it and the view  is amazing. 


The tickets to the stadium are reasonably priced and have an excellent and wide parking service.

Marlins Park