Riverfront Cruises

Riverfront Cruises

It is a tour agency that is located on Riverfront Cruises on the Las Olas Riverfront where they offer group or individual tour packages on captain-duly-authorized Coast Guard cruises in approximately an hour and a half 365 days a year, To visit the places of greatest interest, the famous island of millionaires that goes from the Tarpon curve to the internal channels.

Our advice:

It can be located on the deck that has deck and dining area with air conditioning, bow as stern, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available, as well as hot dogs, chips, ice cream and other snacks on board.

It is not allowed to carry a refrigerator on board, but if there is space to store your personal equipment

It is accessible for people in wheelchairs only on the first deck, passengers with wheelchairs do not have access to the second deck, but will be able to enjoy the crossing of the first deck.

In the very unlikely event of an emergency, the ship is equipped with more than enough life jackets for all passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship.

Close to the harbor location you can find several restaurants, cafes and a cinema. The Museum of Science and Discovery and the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art are located just steps from the riverfront, plus just a few blocks from the famous Las Olas shopping district.

Riverfront Cruises