Collins Ave


Collins Avenue is a compulsory tour if your are for the first time in Miami, It is the most important avenue that runs from end to end all the hotel area where most iconic art deco buildings are. You can find everything you need here, from accommodations to supermarkets and banks, it is the most important local route of this Miami secto, a wide avenue well maintained parks and full paths with great landscapes, it can be traveled by car because of its length, it extends from 5th Street to North Miami Beach from South Beach until Sunny Isles and in each section it changes its characteristics, is the backbone that connects all  South Beach Miami with Beach Bal Harbor.

Our advice:

Collins Avenue is worth knowing ... you can also find super luxury hotels..Limos and expensive cars stationed outside the hotels !! Imported ones... Its fascinating !! A perfect avenue, full of color and tranquility.

Between the fifth and seventeenth is the best wave full of restaurants and shops, its streets like Lincoln Rd and Washington, the Spanish way that join it give it an unequaled beauty, Collins the best for accommodation there are many apartments for leases per day, Plus you can rent a car.

Ideal for outdoor shopping! A pleasure! This Free People that you can not find in many malls, the back is all Sale, looking for deals you can get interesting things.

Watch out with the parking, they charge 30 dollars flat rate until 5 hours, if you are going for short time, it is not advisable to get there.

Its One block from the beach and has a large wooden walkway, for hiking or biking along the entire coast.

On this avenue Kardashians sisters live, characters from the international set-set that are daily on the magazines and TV

Ocean Drive Miami

Océan drive miami

Es una avenida que no se puede dejar de ir, corre paralela a Collins Av. y parte del punto Sur hasta la calle 14, es una de las zonas más populares de Miami, es un paseo marítimo en la zona de South Beach, donde vienen los verdaderos todos los clichés sobre Miami; cuerpos esculpidos de arrastre a lo largo del paseo marítimo, playas, cócteles tropicales, América música a todo volumen y los edificios Art Deco, están los mejores restaurantes, bares y hoteles de Miami Beach; La calle es un hervidero de gente es la hora y el día que es. Por la mañana, la playa prístina están llenos a reventar, y por la noche, es una zona de las más animadas de fiesta o cena en una terraza, es un mito del cine estadounidense que ha servido como lugar de rodaje de algunas películas conocidas como "El precio del poder (Scarface) "o" Corrupción en Miami ".

Our advice:

Runs parallel to the beach and has the peculiarity that day is a normal artery circulation, I advise you to park in the area of Nikki Beach, prices there are 1 dollar an hour unlike other places where it is $ 4 per hour and up.

In the different restaurants you can taste from a simple pizza to sophisticated dishes, really a place to be visited and especially at night, if you are bothered by noise, it is not advisable to stay in hotels in that area because the fun extends until very late.

The beaches of Ocean Drive, the street level 7 to 12 are very fun, very wide beaches, it seems to cross a desert to reach the water !, has lifeguards and quiet.

I rented a Citi Bike and walk Ocean Drive is very nice and quiet, ideal for walking and enjoying bike starting at South Pointe just south of 1st Street, near the south end of the main barrier island of Miami Beach near a quarter mile west of the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean Drive continues north to 15th Street, immediately southeast of Lincoln Road.

Ocean Drive is located the famous Casuarina House, the residence of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace (now a boutique hotel), one of the most photographed homes in North America.

Another popular Art Deco hotel is Hotel Cleveland, apart from its hotel services, consisting of a lounge indoor sports, as well as an area of dance floor and pool on the ground floor and a rooftop lounge courtesy is known for its cabaret and drag queen shows dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road

Schedule of the stores:     Daily 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Lincoln Road is a pedestrian street that runs from east to west parallel between 16th and 17th Street in Miami Beach, originally a mangrove forest, like most of Miami Beach, today is one of the most popular destinations for visitors, the Miami Beach Board of Preservation approved the closure of the West End traffic at the Lincoln Mall for the purpose of extending the popular pedestrian west of Alton Road. Today Lincoln Road is a very beautiful pedestrian street, there are tables from each place to sit outside and enjoy with friends or family, is a street that requires to be walked several times, is a pleasant walk, the right place to do a Shopping stroll with many attractions, international shopping as different options of food and for the budget, the road are 5 blocks to explore and to discover the different alternatives that Miami Beach has.

Our advice:

Going from one side of Lincoln Road to another is now easier with the facilities of Citi Bike, renting a bike and returning it through not only Lincoln Road, but in different areas of Miami Beach.

You can find a variety of trade, clothing, footwear, accessories prices very convenient, as well as great offer of places to eat, lunch, dinner, ice cream, there are two Starbucks, lots of Italian, Cuban and Brazilian cuisine, Interesting discounts, it's a matter of choosing! On Sunday, fruit stands, empanadas and other things to eat that are cheap are installed.

There is a huge local Apple where are the latest models of iPhone, PC, laptops.

If you look for electronics, walk to Best Buy for better quality and price.

Prices are normal, no great discounts thou, but you can find nice things to buy!

If you come in summer, you better bring a cap and sunscreen.

When the sun goes down, the choices on Lincoln Road Mall are varied, atmosphere filled with music, dancing and lots of joy where DJs play the hits of the moment and visitors enjoy until dawn.

Calle Ocho Festival

Eighth Street Festival

Calle Ocho is a must-see for anyone who comes to Miami either as a tourist or because he thinks to settle down in this city, known for being the main route through the historic neighborhood of Little Havana this street has restaurants, galleries, theaters and nightspots showing the culture and customs that the Cuban community brought to this city.

Festival is held annually in Calle Ocho, or Eighth Street Festival is a tradition that brings together those who wish to celebrate the colorful Latin culture of Miami on the streets of Little Havana. The festival is the largest of Miami and takes place on 8th Street, from 8th Avenue to SW 27th Avenue, the street is filled with energy thanks to the sights, sounds and smells of the Hispanic community in Miami, populating streets with constant music, cuisine and activities that together form an explosion of culture, the couples dance salsa in the street, artists and musicians looking back to the community display their talent in the 12 scenarios mounted in the streets, which are closed for the event.

Miami's Latino community proud flames the flags of their countries and their members wear patriotic attire, listen merengue, reggaeton, bachata, ballads, hip hop, rap, jazz and many rhythms and more in one day!

Everything happens between mid-February and mid-March, when the weather is ideal for street parties in the warm winter of Miami.

Our advice:

Its a classic for visitors to Miami, as it is very significant for the Cuban community in exile, perhaps expect something more like architecturally to Havana, but we have to position ourselves that being in America is not possible to have similar local Cuban products like: tobacco, decoration, paintings, textiles, food, Santeria etc...

On the street there are large sculptures of Cuban rooster painted by different artists, you can see art galleries with paintings of colorful intense, worth shop around, it is recommended to visit during the day.

The main shops are along Calle Ocho (Eighth Street) which has its own Walk of Fame with stars like Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino and Gloria Estefan among other Cuban artists in exile, among its attractions you can find: the Cine Tower theater, the artistic festival of cultural Friday, the domino park and restaurants like Versailles, which can be taken Cuban dishes such as ripe bananas, moth, old clothes, fried cow, the masitas pork, Moors and Christians, the Cuban sandwich, the sandwich Elena Ruz turkey and jam, suckling pig, the mojito and cortadito very cute (cut coffee or coffee with milk and creme brulee) and emblematic place to take pictures if you are in the zone.

Maximo Gomez Park commonly called "Domino Park" would be just a small square with cement tables unattractive if not for the characters who come there daily to play this popular game. The place comes alive with the spark of players mostly Cubans of the old guard who will put each hand taste of dominoes. The park will tourists from around the world, but the best place to enjoy the visit is to talk with the players, who cheerfully accede to explain the game to the curious and pleasantly will pose for a souvenir photo.

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard extends from the beach A1A, impeccably with palm trees and beautiful people, rising above the inner channel fabulous house with magnificent views and spectacular yachts.

Las Olas Boulevard becomes night in a spectacular nightlife, live entertainment, and fabulous encounters "see and be seen" is at the forefront of everything from fashion boutiques and art galleries, memorable restaurants, cafes and bars…... has a unique atmosphere, old-fashioned lampposts and Black olive trees with bright lights make the ride a perfect place to relax; palm trees and Mediterranean architecture creates a charming old world charm, has always been the heart and soul of Fort Lauderdale.

Our advice:

It is the center of Fort Lauderdale, it is a double street, semi-theater with a boulevard, this mainly consists of art galleries, where you will find handicrafts and restaurants of different specialties. It is possible to park paying the parking, it is worth strolling through its streets.

The place is with excellent ambiance, very welcoming spacious, always seems to have tables available, the portion of the food is fine for a person, simple preparation. Limited wine list, but wide range of prices

The boulevard where all the bars and restaurants are is ideal to go for a stroll in the evening, if they go out to eat, go early because after 11:00 pm they only serve drinks in most places and close the kitchen.

There are places in the sand with a chair and also to be able to cook with coal. The boulevard has bicycles to get around A beautiful place to see the sun fall.

Walking around Las Olas is a must for anyone visiting Fort Lauderdale, a friendly and cheerful atmosphere on all sides, an excellent environment for any type of departure, with family, friends or alone.

We recommend these restaurants:

The Cheesecake Factory variety of food at very good prices and desserts the best, the one you choose will be very good link:

Las Olas Gourmet & Wine Menu is another good restaurant visit this link:

La Española Way

La Española Way

One block north of 14th Street between Avenues Washington and Pennsylvania, one of the most beautiful streets in Miami Beach with a lot of class ... history and European influence and the bohemian atmosphere of the street, the paved road and historic lights, reminiscent of the Paris streets or alleys in Madrid.

The Spanish Way is like passing through a portal and appear somewhere else, very different from the rest of Miami Beach, has an undeniable, picturesque attractive and lively at night.

Our advice:

During the day, you will find shoppers visiting small boutiques, small shops selling items such as handmade jewelry, bathing suits, and adult toys, at night the street wakes up to dance and live music.

Many options in food and drink, ideal to visit at night as you can appreciate all the lights of the places, prices for all pockets, has warmth, charm, a pleasant, bohemian climate, the young men kindly invite a crowd of tourists to To go to some restaurant to enjoy flavors of the world, a little bit of everything: Italian, Cuban, Mexican and Spanish food ".

Tapas & Tintos (448 Española Way) offers more than 50 types of tapas (or snacks) in its menu.

It is definitely worth visiting on foot, when the sun goes down, the stable is known because it attracts crowds thanks to its free dance classes and its specials in 2x1 drinks.

"Every night of the week is a party", they offer flamenco, salsa and tango classes with live music and lots of energy, a must for those who visit Miami

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