SunFest Music and Arts Festival

SunFest Music and Arts Festival

It is a music festival and where the larger art of the Miami coast is shared. This celebration is held every year, at the West Palm Beach site.

Florida. It is a very striking event and recognized for this reason to this celebration attends an average of 25 thousand people on average each year.

It is an event for the whole family where the big boys like.


Our advice:


You can find exhibitions of beautiful crafts, works, paintings, jewelry, ceramics, wood, photography and many other things.

For the boys there is presentation of pyrotechnic games, where the sky will be filled with many bright colors.

If you want to be in SunFest and go in your vehicle it is advisable to book your ticket in advance to save the parking space and also the parking is not included in your ticket.

You can enter the following items:

Small bags / backpacks no more than 12 "x 12" x 6 "

Bottled water (personal serving size)

Food for babies or food for people with medical conditions only in approved containers

Service animals for customers with disabilities Individual folding chairs - blankets

Umbrellas, including beach umbrellas, can be brought in, but can not be located in concert areas, to allow all guests access to the viewing stage.

Non-professional cameras (without removable lenses) Medical wheelchairs / scooters - strollers

SunFest Music and Arts Festival