Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami

Schedules:     Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

                        Saturdays,Sundays and holidays 9:30 to 5:00 pm                 

                        Open all Year

It is located in the old Naval Air Station Richmond, southwest of Miami, in the south of metropolitan Miami- Dade. This place is known as The Park and Zoo Miami being the largest and oldest. Its flora is divided into four sections Amazon, Africa, Australia and Asia, and is characterized by being the only tropical zoo in the United States.

It houses more than 2,000 animals including African lions , black rhinos, elephants, wild boars, Gorillas Grey, Himalayan bears, camels, hyenas, kangaroos, koalas, leopards, giant tortoises, etc. Which they inhabit a land 740 Acres.

Our Advice

The route is three miles and can in different ways:

The Monorail is a convenient way to tour the zoo from above (and air conditioning). You can hop on and off as many times as you please pay $ 3 per person.

You can do it in carts pedal while you exercise; these cars are for 5 people and the last option is to do the walking tour, keep in mind that the walks are long and there are few places for sun.

You can enjoy areas of hydration, has a small square to eat , there are spaces for recreation and games for children.

There are fun presentations where you can take pictures with animals, another interesting part of the zoo is the farm, which can pet and even feed them.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island

Schedule:   Monday - Sunday: 10:00am  to  5:00pm

Minutes from downtown Miami and Miami Beach is one of the most famous theme parks, it has a variety of exotic animals from around the world, where you can enjoy total freedom in a rainforest, and have the incredible experience with The wildlife, you can make trails for paths up to 1.35 miles knowing the sausage tree of Africa, for animal lovers you will meet Hercules (half lion and half tiger) who has the record prize for being the biggest feline in the world.

Our advice:

To interact with some animals, minimum age of six years are required, you can see the shows completely free with your entrance to Jungle Island. If you remember the movie Madagascar lemurs, here you can interact with these adorable animals for 10-15 minutes and it includes an educational session with the animal instructor to have the opportunity to play and sustain a lemur. Come to live this great wilderness experience with your family. You can buy your general admission to Jungle Island that includes lemurs experience: https://www.partner.viator.com/en/16741/tours/Miami/Jungle-Island-Miami/d662-3683PJI ​Tickets vary depending on the show you want:


Characters Jungle Island:

Peanut and Pumpkin: They are 2 twins orangutans, they get the attention of the tourists, who asserts that their traits and behaviors mimic humans. In their eyes, there is something special, their gestures and their ways are mostly human.

African Penguins : They can be seen playing in the water and walking from one place to another.

American Alligators : Reptiles are between 3 and 4 meters.

When you visit Jungle Island check for special activities on the day of your visit, prices may vary.

The park is very nice is an attraction worth visiting, we recommend you to bring water.

How to get there:

From I - 95 Take I - 395 Leste (MacArthur Causeway) 2D saída. Cruze a ponte e sua primeira fazer à direita após to stand on Parrot Jungle Trail. Follow redor and embaixo estrada ao da ponte this parking not esquerdo side.

From East From West aI -395 (MacArthur Causeway), and make the first right after Palm Island, next to the Miami Yacht Club. Make the first turn left at Parrot Jungle Trail and parking will be on the right side.

Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari

 Schedule:        Monday to Sunday: From 9:30 to 17:30

It was the first safari park in the United States that can be visited by car and introduced a new concept for animal lovers, " The zoo without a cage. " The opening generated a big interest by residents and visitors from South Florida, and this was when the park became a popular and successful attraction.

Lion Country Safari was created by a group of British businessmen who wanted to bring the experience of a true African safari, and the county of Palm West Beach seemed to be the ideal place to carry out this great idea due to its climate, abundant land and a growing population.

Today, the Lion Country Safari is home to over 900 animals preserved in the exhibition area of Safari World. The most notable species in the park you can find lions, white rhinos, chimpanzees, zebras, giraffes among others.

Our advice:

The basic recommendations to visit this park are:

You can not feed the animals, it is dangerous for you and for their diet.

Ideally, go in the morning, between 9:30 and 10:00 they are feeding the animals, so you can see them better when they come close to their feeding place, because of the nap after it will be hard to see them close.

Remember the animals are the owners of the safari, if they hinder the path in front of your vehicle, you have to be patient until they retire.

Bring mosquito repellent, remember that it is a park with lots of greenery, also sunscreen.

The visit to the park has a duration average of 4 to 5 hours to enjoy all the attractions, you can enjoy a restaurant, food stalls and even an ice cream parlor, also allow you to enter your own food, there is picnic area and gift shop.

You can also feed the giraffe, play Wheel of Fortune, boating and other activities offered at the park. The park also has a hosting service called KOA Campground which is located four miles from safari with more than 200 tents, 6 shops, 3 food outlets, a theater of demonstrations animals.

The tour will start in a car and you can see the different species closely, then continue your experience leaving the car and visit all the attractions that offers Lion Country Safari as mechanical rides, water slides, mazes and educational programs for you and your family.

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle

Hours:            Monday to Sunday : 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Transport:          Bus 35 to Cutler Ridge Mall.

Monkey Jungle,it is located 44 kilometers (27 miles) south of downtown Miami, near the village of Cutler Bay, has 500 primates and 30 different single species, there live as if it were their natural habitat, many in danger of extinction.

Visitors can walk through a series of tunnel cages, in fact, the theme of the park is "where humans are caged and monkeys circulating free."

Inside the park there is also a part of Amazon rainforest where you will find different species of plants, trees and palm trees of the Amazon rainforest .

Our advice:

This park is different than most, here people are caged and the monkeys are on the loose in their natural habitat, you can feed the different species that live there.

You can also enjoy the shows presented there for young and old.

See gorillas loose near tourists and separated only by a mesh is a spectacle.

Parking is free, children under three are free, part of the cost is donated to protect endangered species.

Safari Camp is also available for special events and programs, also has a gift shop and restaurant among others.

The park is open every day and there are guided tours available during the day, be sure to make your reservations early, since the tours are in high demand, you can make the number


Flamingo Gardens with trolley ride

Entrance to Flamingo Gardens in Fort Lauderdale with trolley ride

Hours:  Monday to Sunday: From 9:30am to 5:00 pm

It's a zoo where yyou can find great diversity of animals and you can also admire different species of flora.

The tram ride along the zoo with informative commentary and exclusive access to 42 acres of Flamingo Gardens that will allow you to admire the beauty of flamingos, the most representative of the place, you can see other wildlife as well, such as alligators, panthers and turkeys real, and stroll through lush gardens full of butterflies and hummingbirds ancient oaks, orchids and bromeliads. At the end of the ride dont forget to visit the Wray museum.

At the Flamingo Gardens you can access the wildlife sanctuary, a botanical garden with a large number of species of flora and fauna around 24 hectares. In this park you can come with your family, and if you want you can buy snacks or drinks on the market and cafe inside the zoo.

Our advice:

You can enjoy a fun 30 minutes ride on a train where they show all species of trees, and at the end you can visit the aviary where you will find a variety of beautiful birds.

For the ride through the rainforest, you must be properly dressed because the course is long and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Bring water and a good pair of shoes to fully enjoy this adventure at the zoo.

There is an interactive children's garden behind the gallery, where they can touch and smell. In the place you can buy plants for your home and visit the gift shops.

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