Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain

Schedule:          Monday to Wednesday   12:00pm to   12:00am

                       Thursday to Saturday    12:00pm  to   03:00am 

                        Sundays                      2:00pm  to  10:00pm

It is a bar located in Little Havana, Cuban atmosphere, ideal for rumba lovers where people dance without stopping.

At night the atmosphere is very pleasant, where you can see live performances, with Latinos or local groups, and the service is excellent.

You'll find a variety of cocktails as: passion Fontaine, Cañita, among others.

Ball & Chain also offers Cuban cuisine and also carry out private events. It is a place to visit.

Our advice:

You can enjoy the patio with friends of a microbrew in a quiet way.

Decoration Ball & Chain is very exotic.

There are presentations of live salsa bands.

The dance floor is very bright and airy.

It is a space for dance enthusiasts where you can enjoy a few Mojitos Cubanos, or Botanitas Tapitas for Picary among others.

Furthermore you look at the glassworks displays genuine and legitimate Havanas which also can smoke in the sunroom.

Blue Martini Brickell

Blue Martini Brickell

Horario:       Lunes y Martes          04:00pm  a  03:00am

                  Miércoles a Sábado    04:00pm  a  05:00am

                  Domingo                  07:00pm   a  03:00am

Blue Martini cuenta con varias sucursales en Miami, es un exótico lugar  muy llamativo, por su decoración y  sus luces de color que hacen cautivar a sus clientes.   

Cuenta con presentaciones de diferentes artistas, lo que hace que el escenario se vuelva algo diferente e informal.

También es un lugar donde se puede realizar eventos privados y fiestas de año.

Es un espacio bastante amplio donde su capacidad es aproximadamente para mil personas, donde encuentras zona al aire libre.      

Nuestro Consejo:

Es el lugar ideal para compartir después del trabajo por su variedad en tragos.

En este sitio la música se disfruta en vivo y la rumba es muy latina.

Si no te gusta mucho el alto volumen de la música, puedes disfrutar de la hora feliz en la barra de la terraza y al mismo tiempo de una buena brisa nocturna.

También puedes bailar entre las mesas del lugar sin ningún inconveniente.

La música es muy variada donde encontrarás de todos los géneros y no es un lugar muy costoso.

Wood Tavern

Wood Tavern

Schedule:   Closed Monday       

                       Tuesday to Saturday 5:00 pm to 3:00 a.m.   

                       Sunday 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Wood Tavern has a varied menu of microbrews.

The attention from the staff is excellent, the music is very happy and this makes the atmosphere was very welcoming to visitors.

This bar has no reserves because you have no preferences on their customers, because the mission of this place is to provide the best satisfaction to his followers.

Our Advice:

It is a place outdoors and the atmosphere is fun.

You find much variety in the drinks and they are inexpensive.

It has an excellent safety without any problem that you share with your friends.

You can order a microbrew accompanied by some delicious tacos and quesadillas. Wood Tavern decoration is very nice and pretty.

Something you'll notice graffiti are going according to Wood Tavern.

The Regent Cocktail Club

The Regent Cocktail Club

Schedule:  Open all week from 07:00pm to 02:00am

The Regent Cocktail atmosphere is inspired in the 40s, it is located in South Beach.

Unlike other bars that holds events every day, and is characterized by success in their holidays this year.

It's a cozy environment where  you wished that the rumba is not completed.

It also has a varied price drinks.


Our advice:

The decor is old but this bar drinks are premium quality.

Every day different types of drinks are sold.

If you want to enjoy a great live show is best to arrive early to get a free chair.

You can enjoy the development of all types of spirits that make Barman.

The Martini are top notch You will find variety in cocktails

King of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

Schedule: It works Monday through Saturday from 10:00pm to 6:00am 

The King of Diamonds is a nightclub, where dancers perform live events.

It is full of fun, lights and great music atmosphere.

Here you will find variety of beers and cocktails such as vodka, tequila, martinis and a lot more.

You can also share with friends or family at the fast food section, you can find sandwiches, salads, quesadillas and more.

Our Advise:

It is the best place in Miami Strip where you can share with your friends not only drinks but also good food.

It is a site of a large space, where security is very good.

Women are very talented dancers and the choreography is really good with nice music.

King of Diamonds makes you feel like in las vegas for their excellent care, it is a good place to forget about problems.

To enter in King of Diamonds you must buy the tickets days before.

Do not worry about parking because it is free.

The Anderson

The Anderson

schedule : Sunday through Wednesday 05:00 pm to midnight

                     Thursday 05:00 pm to 2:00 am   

                      Fri-Sat 5: 00pn until the last leaves  guests

This bar reborn as the replacement for the Magnum Hall, giving new life to what is now one of the best bars in Miami, its location is an artery where everyone comes through the to and the beach, a place where you can do your own thing, listen to great music, good food card and a very well stocked main bar, the bar will host live blues and DJs, a bar, first.

Our advice:

This restaurant has a quiet terrace where a good vibe is perceived, there you can share a rich cocktail with family and friends.

The food is delicious and the music scene or say.

Anderson is a place with personality and are very comfortable prices.

The cocktails are prepared within this site are very creative and resourceful, you'll also find Happy Hours.

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