Wynwood Walls and Street Art Tour

Wynwood Walls and Street Art Tour

Schedule: 11:00 a.m.

​Explore the walls and murals of Wynwood in the walking tour of 1 hour. Learn the art scene in Miami in this extensive tour, as the walls are cured in Wynwood Walls, and then walk through the courtyards admire several murals, including art by Shepard Fairey and Swoon.

Reach the Wynwood Art Walk Tour, located in 2219 NW 2nd Avenue will be an unforgettable experience, meeting with professional guide, put some sunscreen, and then go through the streets of Miami to begin the walking tour 1 hour . Hear about the artists, their techniques, and the meaning behind their work. Explore the depth of the Street Art Wynwood in this captivating tour.

Our advice:

Explore the streets on a walking tour of the city with professional, friendly and prepared guides. The walking tour group is small. The starting point is Wynwood Art Walk which lasts 60 minutes (approx.).

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