Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Dr,Miami Beach, FL 33139,EE. UU.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00am to 17:00pm

Miami Beach is located right next to the memory of the Holocaust, is an exotic place for lovers of fauna and flora; also it has a schedule of events for each day including theater, yoga and meditation spaces.

Botanica Garden can be described as a unique oasis, of a great urban beauty and surrounded by an environment to the community resource

Our advice:

The duration of the tour lasts about two hours.

If you bring children or elderly family you can travel on a quiet train and you can enjoy better! 

You can also share with your family a delicious lunch after the tour at the restaurants of the place

You can enjoy the great variety of fauna and flora, fish, butterflies, turtles, wildlife and much more.

There is a small space that recreates a Japanese garden, if you want to buy souvenir gifts you can do in the shops that are in