Wolsonian Museum

1001 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 305.531.1001

Wolsonian Museum

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Hours:        Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 10 am to 18:00pm
                      Friday and Sunday 10AM to 21:00 pm
                      Closed on Wednesdays

Is located in the heart of Miami 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach is a museum, library and at the same time use it as a research center.

The Wolfsonian has two large collections, the first is the presentation of 60,000 copies of the Library and the second is the collection of objects, including all three-dimensional presentations that are displayed in a large format.

The museum exhibits approximately 180,000 pieces from the era of the industrial revolution to the end of the Second World War. You can see antique furniture, industrial design elements, carved glass works, different metals and much more.

Our advice :

In the museum gift shops to find you make your purchases

After the
tour you can share a delicious coffee with friends in the cafeteria of the Wolfsonian.

You find treasures out of the ordinary

You can enjoy the elements of different eras

Objects that are sold in the museum are very creative

If you love reading you are a room that you do