It is the way to compensate the good service provided by the staff of an establishment to its clients including hotels, restaurants, buffet service and servers among others.

Tipping in Miami is characterized or governed by certain rules that tell you how much your tip is worth, depending on the place like this: If at the table of a restaurant there are six clients or more the range to pay is about 18%.

If there is less than 6 people the tip is optional. Tips on Buffet are 10% on the value of the account.

Bars waiters receive 15% of the value of the account or one dollar per drink.

Golf caddies also receive tips but do not have percentage this remains in gratitude and the goodwill of the athlete.


Our Advice:

If you walk into a bar you'd better pay the tip based on the bill value and not every one that you serve a drink.

Every time you buy a product in a Mall, increase the value of the purchase by 7%. to the price.