Big Bus
301 Biscayne Blvd,Miami, FL 33132,Estados Unidos

Big Bus

It is a tourist bus where a classic tour of Miami is done, you can it take in different places which are well signposted and have guides. It is also a Hop-on Hop-off (climb and get down) service, where 3 different tours for the same price are made.

Something interesting about this trip is that the buses are uncapped and you can feel the breeze; making this tour a more pleasant.

Big also performs extra services such as cruises and tours to museums.


Our advice:

In this service you can find tourist sites in Miami and get to know a little of history, taking the opportunity to make an agenda of the sites you want to visit during your stay.

It is a very complete tour to relax and change the atmosphere with your family, where you can do shopping and buy in some stores at the best prices.

You also have the opportunity to buy food from the same bus because it doesnt have a roof and people can sell you from the sides of the Big Bus.

It is practical because you can do the tour the last day of your stay in the hotel because it leaves you at the airport.

The schedule is very clear, they are very punctual. For more information Click here.